Day 1
Saturday 13th April 2013

I have had a RUBBISH start to my diet, and yes that rubbish is definitely capitals. Started off well this morning but over did it with the lattes!! Then lunch went well, and dinner! Except after dinner I munched my way through half a pack of prawn crackers, left over chips and a caramel chocolate bar! Need to hit the gym to burn that off. Hey ho, tomorrow's another day and I'm not giving up just yet!

Weight: 10st 6lbs
Breakfast: special flakes with milk
Tea with one sugar
Lunch: toasted bagel with chicken and sweetcorn sandwich filler
Cucumber and tomatoes
Dinner: one cod fish cake and mixed veg
Caramel cadburys bar
Snacks: 3 lattes (vanilla, caramel and a mocha)
Hot chocolate
Cheese and onion crinkle crisps
Half a bag of prawn crackers
Left over chips
Aero mousse
Calories: I don't want to know!!!

Well I know exactly where I'm going wrong and writing it all down has made me realise just how much I'm eating!! Fresh start tomorrow :D

Ellie x

Hello, my names Ellie and I'm aiming to lose 15 pounds. I've tried various ways of losing this weight but am rubbish at sticking to fancy diets and just can't resist the tempting foods I love. Therefore maybe blogging about my food intake will help me reduce it to achieve that summer body (most of us) are so desperate for! I am aiming on between 1200-1500 calories per day to reach my goal by July. I regularly exercise at the gym, although that could be done WAY more often! I also try to take part in an hours badminton session once a week, however this is often not possible:S so as this is my first blog ill tell you how I ate yesterday...

Friday 12th April 2013

Weight: 10st 6lbs
Breakfast: bowl of shreddies
Coffee with milk and sugar
Lunch: bagel with jam and butter
Mini cheddars
Cherry drops
Dinner: cheesy pasta with mushrooms, bacon and chicken (much to large portion!!)
Snacks: caramel latte
Mcvities medly bar
Exercise: 400 calories in the gym
Calories: 1600

Didn't eat too well yesterday as went back for seconds at dinner time and continued to have pudding even when I knew I was stuffed!! However I did do well in the gym!! Today is a new day and I'm going to try sooooo hard to meet my calorie goal!

Ellie x


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